Julie Ann Robinson


Office Phone: 847-509-2431



Technical Director

Joel Monaghan


Office Phone: 847-509-2430



Clack ARC HeadshotAssistant Director

Casey Clack


Office phone: 847-509-2484





DSC_8029Assistant Director

Amy Ticho




Private Drama Teacher

David Whitlock


Mr. Whitlock is delighted for the chance to work with GBN students. He’s spent many hours on the CPA stage during high school and has been fortunate to continue performing as an adult. Private drama lessons will focus on the process of developing a character for various types of monologues (contemporary/classic, humorous/dramatic). Students will identify what the author tells us about the character, define the character’s objectives and motivations, and work to create the vocal and physical aspects of the character. Whether you are developing monologues for college applications, you want to improve your approach to scripted material, or you just want to explore great characters, he welcomes the chance to work with you.


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