Thespian Troupe #1159 

Thespian Troupe #1159 is an honor society committed to supporting and learning about all aspects of theatre.The focus of this group is on both artistic and technical theatre education, and students are required to be actively involved in GBN productions. Troupe activities include field trips to neighboring high school shows and professional theatres downtown, and attending the Illinois High School Theatre Festival in January.

Membership into the troupe is restricted to inducted members, but there are a variety of events throughout the year that are sponsored by the troupe and open to all students. In order to be inducted, students must acquire ten points for their participation in productions or activities, and meet the induction criteria. The induction ceremony takes place in May. Active thespians are expected to remain in good standing with the troupe, which includes attending as many meetings as possible and all but two (2) workshops throughout the year.

The Theatre Board consists of four student leaders from the Thespian Troupe. These leaders decide on the troupe schedule, meeting events, and dues. In order to be eligible for Theatre Board, a student must be either a junior or a senior who is an active member of the thespian troupe. Interested students must apply by April 15. The new board is announced at the Theatre Banquet.

2018-2019 Theatre Board 

Maya Horwitch

Joe Gertner

Alison Wilensky

Emily MacDonald

Jaden Levine

Evan Denenberg


Active Thespians (41)

Deena Bahrami

Noora Bahrami

Olivia Cohen

Ryan Currie

Francine Dadrass

Georg’Ann Daly

Evan Denenberg

Allanah Elster

Brendan Finn

Maddie Fishman

Gemma Gardner

Griffin Garner

Isaac Gelman

Joe Gertner

Lily Glaubinger

Amy Glazer

Maddie Harris

Maya Horwitch

Evelyn Kelly

Jaden Levine

Emily MacDonald

Alyssa Mages

Anna Marek

Carly Meyer

Molly Rench

Max Rollins

Erin Rosenfeld

Maggie Rude

Rosie Salzer

Sabrina Schoenberg

Zoe Shiman

Ilana Silver

Zack Slater

Ben Sztainberg

Ida Tello

Lindsay Thurber

Zach Torf

Lauren Tucker

Abby Tzinberg

Meilyn Ward

Alison Wilensky