Cast List for “Almost Maine”

Thank you to all who tried out. The decisions were very tough. If your name appears on this list, more information about the start of rehearsals will be forthcoming. If not, please consider working on crew!
Cast List for “Almost Maine”
Her Heart:
 East:  Nolan Smeds
Glory:  Ida Tello
Sad and Glad:
   Jimmy:   Ryan Currie
Sandrine:   Michelle Prupes
Waitress:   Amy Glazer
This Hurts:
 Marvalyn:   Emily MacDonald
       Steve:   Joe Gertner
Getting it Back:
Gayle:  Courtney Mazeika
Lendall:Brandon Hamous
They Fell:
Shelly:Zoe Shiman
Deena: Olivia Cohen
Where it Went:
  Phil:   Zack Slater
Marci:  Erin Rosenfeld
Story of Hope:
Hope:  Carly Meyer
  Man:  Jaden Levine
Seeing the Thing:
Rhonda:   Ilana Silver
    Dave:   Griffin Garner

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