“The Little Mermaid” CAST LIST

Thank you to all who auditioned. The decisions, as always, are very difficult. If your name appears on this list, please come to the GBN choir room at 3:45 on Tuesday for our first rehearsal. If your name does not appear on this list, please consider working on crew or, if you play an instrument, being in the pit. Thank you!



Ariel…..Ashley Levenson, Carly Meyer

Prince Eric…..Reede Norlie

Ursula…..Ilana Silver, Dayton Whitman

Sebastian…..Jacob Denenberg

Triton…..Zachary Adams

Scuttle…..Bekah Lampert, Zachary Reiss

Flounder…..Emily Chang, Nicolette Sidelsky

Chef Louis…..Jack Taylor

Grimsby…..Joe Gertner

Flotsam…..Gwyn Skiles

Jetsam…..Olivia Cohen

Pilot…..Michael McNeela

Adella…..Amy Glazer

Arista…..Melissa Goldin

Andrina…..Stephanie Ornduff

Aquata…..Rachel Schwartz

Allana…..Lindsay Thurber

Atina…..Erica Uhlig

Windward…..Gavin Leahy

Leeward…..Jonah Frese

Dance Captain…..Megan Meyer



Riva Akolawala

Megan Hueblein

Emily MacDonald

Lilly Small

Lauren Tucker


Featured Dancers**

Emily Browder

Lily Cohen

Mary Kate Daly

Sydney Dolins

Lexi Dunne

Olivia Geimer

Lily Kussman

Megan Meyer

Sabrina Penepacker

Emily Prillaman

Sophie Pritikin

Sabrina Schoenberg

Mary Schults

AnnaLee Tvaroh

Sammy Tvaroh

Rachel Zlotowicz



Morgan Barlin

Adam Brinati

Maddie Chemers

Kelsey Choi

CJ Christian

Evan Denenberg

Brian De Stefano

Nathanael Frese

Gemma Gardner

Nathan Goldberg

Zoe Golden

Annie Good

Maddie Guest

Zoe Gunderson

Daniel Hamill

Sam Heydt

Maya Horwitch

Caylie Jeruchimowitz

Ben Kalish

Samantha Kelly

Luke Kirby

Deng Deng Kur

Jaden Levine

Veronica Mathew

Danny McNeela

Ben Mergl

Augie Mikell

Sam Morgan

Christian Pareja

Jakobe Rabor

Max Rollins

Mark Schueler

Zoe Shiman

Zack Slater

Nolan Smeds

Arie Sztainberg

Zach Torf

Alli Torf

Kevin Wang


*Featured chorus roles (maids/chef dancers etc) will be selected out of the ensemble

**Tappers in “Positoovity” will be selected out of the featured dancers and the ensemble, but we don’t yet know how many we can accommodate. More information to come on that soon!


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