Cast Lists for “The Improv Show” and “Tribes”

Thank you to all who tried out for the winter plays! This has been such an amazing process and we saw so much talent. Thank you to everyone for their passion and enthusiasm. We wish we could take everyone, but unfortunately we cannot. If your name is listed below, come to the first cast meeting on 10/30 (Monday) at 3:00 p.m. Rehearsals for the improv show will start 11/6; Tribes will begin Monday and rehearse daily from that point on. Thank you so much to everyone. We can’t wait to get started on these projects.

If your name does not appear on one of these lists, please consider doing crew. It’s a great way to show your support for GBN theatre and to learn some valuable theatrical skills.

Winter Showcase (December 14-16)

Sebastian Aguilar

Quinn Cassell

Maddy Chemers

Ryan Currie

Francine Dadrass

Lily Glaubinger

Emily MacDonald

Sabrina Schoenberg

Arie Sztainberg

Ben Sztainberg

Lindsay Thurber

Alli Torf

Zach Torf

Meilyn Ward


“Tribes” (December 7-9)

Billy…..Max Rollins

Sylvia…..Erin Rosenfeld

Christopher….Jackson Mayer

Beth…..Zoe Shiman

Ruth….Emily Chang

Daniel….Joe Gertner

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