Good Doctor- Cast List

Thank you to all who tried out. We have a great deal of talent in the program, and the decisions were really especially difficult for me this time. If your name appears on this list, come to the drama room tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. There is a Theatre Club meeting from 3-4pm, that everyone should also plan to attend! It’s the scavenger hunt one, so get excited! 🙂 Specific parts will be assigned on either Monday or Tuesday. If your name does not appear on this list, please come to the crew meeting on Monday in the shop. This show is a great opportunity to run crew and to stay involved. Thanks again, everyone!

The Good Doctor

Riva Akolawala

Emily Chang

Maddie Chemers

Olivia Cohen

Ryan Currie

Evan Denenberg

Jacob Denenberg

Joe Gertner

Maya Horwitch

Courtney Mazeika

Tanner Natal

Samantha Kelly

Sydney Krug

Jaden Levine

Danny Ogranovich

Abbi Rosenwasser

Rosie Salzer

Haley Sandlow

Zoe Shiman

Zack Slater

Lauren Tucker

Ben Tzainberg

Kevin Wang

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