Charlotte’s Web Cast

Thank you to everyone who tried out! If your name appears on this list, please come to the drama room after school on Monday, 3/20 for our first rehearsal.

Narrator 1- Noora Bahrami

Narrator 2- Brooke Weinberg

Narrator 3- Evie Kelly

Fern Arable- Ainsley Charlesworth

John Arable- Jayse Weinberg

Martha Arable- Alison Wilensky

Avery Arable- Richie Czajka

Homer Zuckerman- Ryan Currie

Edith Zuckerman- Maddie Harris

Lurvy- Alex Miller

Wilbur- Meilyn Ward

Templeton- Kacie Leidwinger

Charlotte- Lauren Tucker

Goose- Emma Gradman

Gander- Joe Gertner

Sheep- Allanah Elster

Lamb- Lily Glaubinger

Uncle/Ensemble- Griffin Garner

Fair Announcer/Ensemble- Amy Glazer

Spectator 1/Ensemble- Celia Giles

Spectator 2/Ensemble- Ida Tello

Fairgoer 1/Ensemble- Maddie Fishman

Fairgoer 2/Ensemble- Abby Tzinberg

Fairgoer 3/Ensemble- Erin Mullen

Photographer/Ensemble- Maggie Rude

Reporter- Georg’Ann Daly

Ensemble-Lauren Belsky, Maria Gelfand-Nemad, Theresa Burke, Emma Sullivan


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