Aida Callback Information

Thank you to all who auditioned. The decisions are always difficult, and this year is no exception. If your name appears on this list, please come to the GBN choir room at the indicated time.

Thursday, 3/3

3:45-4:30 Zoser

4:30-6:30 Aida, Amneris, Radames, Mereb


Anyone called back for a lead must also report on Friday for a dance callback and potential vocal callbacks. All girls called back for either lead or chorus will be considered for the role of Nehebka. Lead girls will be asked to sing the cuts for the characters they are called back for and “Every Story” and “The Gods Love Nubia.”


Katie Snyder

Rachael Cell

Hannah Godnik

Ashley Levenson

Rory Penepacker

Claire Demorest

Elena Maciel

Yael Sheinfeld



Rachael Cell

Anastasiya Kadukov

Hannah Godnik

Jessica Sorkin

Ashley Levenson

Rory Penepacker

Claire Demorest



Reede Norlie

Garrett Shuman

Brooks Whitlock

Chuck Quinn

Jack Riley



Jacob Denenberg

Reede Norlie

Brooks Whitlock

Michael McNeela

Jack Riley

Zachary Reiss



Ryan Tucker

Garrett Shuman

Chuck Quinn

Michael Kirby

AJ Seymour


Friday 3/4

3:45-TBD All chorus/dance


Anyone called back for chorus will do a dance callback. Featured dancers will be selected from the chorus callback. All girls called back for either lead or chorus will be considered for the role of Nehebka by singing “The Gods Love Nubia.” Students may or may not be asked to read at the chorus callback.



Riva Akolawala

Amelia Barnes

Emily Browder

Audrey Brown

Bailey Burke

Elaine Currie

Emily Chang

Maddie Cohen

Sara Dolins

Bridget Fogarty

Kate Frankiewicz

Zoe Golden

Melissa Goldin

Annie Good

Maddie Guest

Megan Heublein

Melanie Holpert

Maya Horwich

Ava Izenstark

Danielle Kates

Samantha Kelly

Annie Khodarkovskaya

Erin Kirby

Bekah Lampert

Emily MacDonald

Kelsey MacDonald

Katie MacQuarrie

Kelsey McGrath

Megan Meyer

Grace Moran

Bryn Muraff

Mary O’Dea

Rebecca Pasman

Gillian Redstone

Dani Revello

Sara Salerno

Rachel Schwartz

Mary Shults

Ilana Silver

Alexandra Solecki

Sara Stocking

Alli Torf

AnnaLee Tvaroh

Erica Uhlig

Hannah Whitlock

Becca Zlotowicz



Ben Carlson

Derek Cernek

Aiden Demsky

Michael Dzianott

Austin Fialkow

Jonah Frese

Daniel Hamell

Sean Jung

Isaac Kim

Cecil Lay

Jaden Levine

Lucas Prizant

Ethan Reiss

Mark Schuler

Travis Siegel

Zack Slater

Tom Smith

Jeremy Stein

Brian Sczcepkowicz

Ryan Tucker

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