Theatre Festival: Final Information

I hope you are excited to be back at school and especially excited about this weekend’s trip to Theatrefest. Woohoo! Here is your much-anticipated final email regarding the trip information. Please share it with your parents.
DEPARTURE: We now need to leave at the start of block 8-9 (1:25 p.m.) on Thursday (A Day), due to our assigned Opening Ceremony time. I’d requested the later time, but we were assigned 6:00 p.m, and since we have Hannah Godnik performing (yay!) we cannot miss it. Please let your teachers know that you will be missing that class in addition to all of your B day classes on Friday!
LUGGAGE: Bring your luggage to the dressing room before school on Thursday. We will store it there for the day. Try to pack reasonably, since we’re all piling into mini-buses, but be sure to have layers in case it’s warm in some classrooms/auditoriums and cold in others. Also, it’s scheduled to rain, so consider that with footwear/raincoats/umbrellas 🙂
ALL-STATE: We are VERY excited to see Rachael Cell perform in RENT! Our assigned time is 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, so you should plan a full day of workshops/shows on Friday, since we won’t have much free time Saturday.
APP: There is an app available for your smartphone that will help you access the schedule of events/performances as well as access bios/photos for the All-State production. Browsing the options beforehand will help you plan your festival experience. Search for “IHSTF” in the app store.
MONEY/MEALS: Plan to bring money for dinners on Thursday and Friday, and lunches on Friday and Saturday. Breakfast will be provided at the hotel. You also may want to bring some money for fest gear and snacks.
ROOMS: We are staying at the Hampton Inn in Normal Illinois (320 S Towanda Ave, Normal, IL 61761). I sent the rooming list to your email, so be sure to check it out.  We will not spend much time in the rooms, so just go with it. For buses, we’ll likely split you up by rooms and make it even. There are 3 mini-buses going on this trip.
RETURN: Our plan is to return in the late afternoon on Saturday. We’ll likely leave after we greet Rachael following her performance, and then eat on the road. Let parents know that we estimate an arrival time at GBN of approximately 4:00 p.m.
Check out or download the app for more festival information.

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