One Acts Cast List

Thank you all so much for auditioning! This was an extremely tough decision and we really appreciate you all coming out. If your name appears on this list, you will be contacted by your director through your school email, and our first all-cast meeting will be after school on Monday, October 5 (the week after fall play ends). If your name does not appear on this list, definitely consider working crew for the show! We would love to have as many people involved as possible!

The Journal


Bradley: Travis Siegel

Cass: Stephanie Tan

Kam: Matt Silver

Aria: Val Yuryk




Marina: Katie Brownlee

Commander: Ryan Tucker

Angelica: Olivia Cohen

Zion: Alli Torf

Officer: Annie Good


The Funny Guy


Scott: Reede Norlie

Mr. Deew: Natan Shayevich

Valerie: Sydney Krug

Brad: Mark Scheuler

Nick: Arie Estran

Scott’s Subconcious: Jacob Denenberg


Sensical Swap


Sam: Sabrina Schoenberg

Christina: Bryn Muraff

Eyes: Isaac Kim

Ears: Josh Strelitz

Mouth:Mika Strom

Nose: Abby Cooke

Skin: Zoe Shiman


These Old Walls


Boy: Jaden Levine

Girl: Riva Akolowala

Man: AJ Seymour

Woman: Maya Horwitch




Sarah: Cammie Helgeland

Emily: Abby Rosenwasser

Doctor: Joe Gertner

Radio Woman: Sara Stocking

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