“She Kills Monsters” Cast and Crew List

SHE KILLS MONSTERS CAST LIST Tilly Evans- Eliana Kohn*, Brookie Natal Agnes Evans- Carmen Alvarez, Nicole Biebrach* Chuck-Sebastian Garzon Miles- AJ Seymour Lilith- Kelsey McDonald Kaliope- Riva Akolawala Orcus- Travis Siegel Vera- Hannah Godnik Narrator- Maggie Verne Steve- Mark Schueler Evil Gabbi- Gillian Redstone Evil Tina- Mika Strom *Indicates that the performer will be appearing Thursday evening at 7pm and Saturday afternoon at 2pm.   CREW LIST Student Directors- Brynn... Read More

Theatrefest 2015 Information is here- due 10/5

As of Friday, 9/26, only seven kids are signed up to go to festival! Let’s go, thespians! Get a move on it! All inducted thespians are invited to sign up for the 2015 Illinois High School Theatre Festival, held from January 8-10 in Urbana-Champaign. If you are a thespian and are interested in attending, please download the informational packet regarding the trip. Then fill out and return the GBN permission slip and medical form along with a check made out to GBN for $130.... Read More