Still Life With Iris Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned. This was a particularly tough show to cast because you’re all so wonderful! If your name appears on this list, please come to the drama room at  3:10 p.m. on Monday for a script read through. If not, please consider doing crew. I simply didn’t have enough parts for everyone, but I’d love to have all of you involved. Thank you!

Iris                                                         Emma Pfaff

Mom/Miss Overlook                        Cami Tokowitz

Dad/Mr. Matternot/Man                Chase Frankel

Annabel Lee                                        Camila Kaplunov

Mozart                                                  Casey Murphy

Gretta Good                                         Katie Snyder

Grotto Good                                        Sebastian Garzon

Memory Mender                               Alison McDonald

Mr. Otherguy                                    Thomas Revenko

Leaf Monitor                                     Alison Galanter

Hazel                                                   Mika Strom

Elsa                                                      Brooke Natal

Flower Painter                                  Emma Lichstein

Bolt Bender                                         Elaine Curry

Ensemble                                            Yasmeen Abdelhamid, Ramsay Weir, Sarah Hayden, Bree Basaria




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