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The Little Mermaid- Chorus Features

Here are the chorus features. Please look over them and feel free to ask questions if they come up. One Step Closer/The Contest Ashley Levenson Ariel Carly Meyer Ariel Reede Norlie Prince Eric Joe Gertner Grimsby Riva Akolawala Princess Emily MacDonald Princess Lauren Tucker Princess Megan Hueblein Princess Lily Small Princess Zoe Golden Princess Morgan […]

Mermaid Rehearsal Schedule (Weeks 1-2)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LQs2TrSKLw0qLQqZOWwpChRextqb7exfhZv6gUhM26E/edit?usp=sharing The Little Mermaid Rehearsal Schedule Week 1 Tuesday, 3/6 3:45-4:15 ALL Business/Begin Costume measurements* 4:15-5:00 ALL Music: Finale Ultimo, Under the Sea 5:00-5:45 All Girls Music: She’s in Love   *Costume measurements will be taken throughout rehearsal   Weds, 3/7 3:45-6:00 Flounder/ALL girls Choreography: She’s in Love 3:45-4:15 Boys (incl. Grimsby/Eric) Music: Fathoms Below […]

“The Little Mermaid” CAST LIST

Thank you to all who auditioned. The decisions, as always, are very difficult. If your name appears on this list, please come to the GBN choir room at 3:45 on Tuesday for our first rehearsal. If your name does not appear on this list, please consider working on crew or, if you play an instrument, […]

Little Mermaid Callbacks

**Sorry for the delay, but the site was down for a long time** Thank you to everyone who auditioned. We were thrilled with the talent and enthusiasm of this group, and as we expected, the decisions have already been very tough. If your name appears under the Lead Callbacks/Thursday list, please come to the GBN […]